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The Oil & Gas industry directly affects daily economic activities on a national and international level. It powers nearly 100% of transportation and heavily supports most other sectors as well. It fuels vehicles that keep us moving, safely and responsibly handles the raw materials that power and heat our homes and forms the building blocks of everyday items ranging from paints and detergents to cloths and packaging materials.

Overall, the industry unites incredible talent that works around the globe as one unit for one purpose: so that when you need energy it's there. To illuminate your world. To keep your family safe and happy. To power incredible things.


Why Veterans, Members of the Guard and Reserve, and Spouses?

Military veterans and their families excel in our teams. The skills you learned in the military provide an excellent foundation because you have the right combination of leadership and technical know-how.

In the military, you were part of an organization a lot like ours. Some say that the United States military is the largest supply-chain enterprise in human history. Our Industry is pervasive and continues to grow. In fact, we are spending more than any other industry on expanding — 1/3 of all other industries combined. That's where you come in. Please click "Deep Dive" to learn more.

Steps to Get Started 

Ready to learn more? Use these steps below to help you learn more about the Oil & Gas Industry, people like you who have made successful transitions into their civilian careers and what jobs are available. Don't worry about taking them in order; these are just guidelines for you as you familiarize yourself with the industry and what it offers.

First, review stories about those who have successfully transitioned into the Oil & Gas industry. Click on the button below to view success stories.

Second, speak with industry leaders about different career paths and opportunities available in Oil & Gas. Click on the button to view employers.

Third, search and apply for jobs in careers that fit you best. Click on the button below to search for jobs in the in the Oil & Gas industry.